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A Short History of Electric Light

by Frank Andrews

Some Manufacturers

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Germany 1887. Set up by Emil Rathenau in 1883 as German Edison Company, later D.E.G., for Applied Electricity to import in light bulbs. Later a major international electrical manufacturer.
Alliance Company.
Compagnie de l’Alliance. France. 1853
Associated Electrical Industries Ltd. AEI.
1928 formed by merger between BTH and Metropolitan-Vickers. Part British but mostly owned by American I.G.E.C.. Fully British owned since 1954.
American General Electric Company.
No connection with the British G.E.C. Also owned the International General Electric Company which in turn was a majority shareholder in AEI until (1954)
Berry Electrical Co.
UK. Founder C. R. Berry. Invented flicker effect fires. Made bulbs, marketed USA SAVAGE washing machine/spin dryer.
British Electric Transformer Co. Ltd.
50 Oxford Street, London. Advert in 1922-3 Electrical Contractors year book for TRICITY trade mark cookers and flame fires. See Tricity Electric Ltd.
British Insulated and Helsby Cables Ltd.
Prescot, Lancs. existed 1922 , made lamps.
British Thomson Houston Ltd. (BTH).
1894. English marketing agency for USA parent. Later opened a factory in Rugby where some of the COLDRATOR fridges (q.v. International Refrigeration Ltd) were manufactured.
British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
1899. English marketing agency for USA parent. Sold to British interests 1919 and renamed Metropolitan Vickers Ltd.
Crompton & Company.
Electric fires c1891. Demonstrated electric oven at Crystal Palace exhibition 1891. Automatic oven controller 1890’s. Invented the electric toaster 1893.
Cryselco Ltd.
Hempston Works, Bedford, existed 1922 , made lamps.
City of London Lighting Company Ltd.
Organised a banquet in 1894 using electric cookers.
Electric fires, Lamp type, Radio-convectors.
English Electric Ltd.
1919. Merger of 4 Electrical and mechanical engineering companies. Made appliances from 1927, irons, bowl fires and ovens. Washing machines from 1935. Turned to aircraft production during 1938.
Falk, Stadelmann & Co. Ltd.
Farringdon Road, London. existed 1922 , made lamps.
Light bulbs, Electric fires. Parabolic reflector.
G.E.C. Formerly, General Electrical Apparatus Company.
Electrical warehouse in City of London early 1880’s. Arranged the special manufacture of appliances to customer requirements. By 1890 selling electric flat irons, fans, immersion heaters, electric cooker `Pint of water boiled in 12 minutes’. Used mercury thermostats for oven control. Began to manufacture itself in factories in Birmingham. in 1889 changed its name to General Electric Company Ltd.. 1922 Address, Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2. Sold or manufactured OSRAM, GEC and WOTAN light bulbs. Not related to American G.E.C.
Hotpoint Electrical Appliance Company.
c1914 California USA. Founded by Earl H. Richardson inventor of Hotpoint Iron.
International General Electric Company.
US company owned by American GEC. Majority shareholder of AEI until 1954.
T & J Jackson Ltd.
Electrical lighting specialists. Taken over by Davis Gas Stove Company who then developed the ‘Jackson Electric Stov’.
A.P. Lundberg & Sons.
Established 1882. 1922 address 477-489, Liverpool Road. London N. Manufacturers of small switches & other accessories. Trade mark LEKTRIK
Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd.
Trafford Park, Manchester. existed 1922 , made lamps under the COSMOS trade name.
National Electric Wiring Company.
Simplex Electric Co. Ltd.
(later a subsidiary of Tube Investments Ltd)
Sun Electrical Company Ltd.
118-120 Charing Cross Road London WC2. Existed 1922. Manufactured or supplied A.B.C. Washing machine. Sunshine vacuum cleaner. SUNCO electric fires. SUNLITE reflectors and fittings. HOLIDAY electrical dish washer. Fires, SUN light bulbs, Cables, Fuse boxes etc.
GERMANY, Russia, UK.
Svea Lamp Company.
Existed 1900
Swan Electric Light Company Ltd.
UK 1881. Swans first company, later renamed Swans United Electric Light Company Ltd. 1883 and combined with Edison in 1883 as Edison Swan Electrical Company Ltd.
Veritys Ltd.
c.1908. 31 King St. London W.C.. Manufacturers of electric heating and cooking appliances. Trade name ASTON
Wilkins & Mitchell Ltd.
Trade and Other Organisations.
British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers Association. 1903.
British Electrical Development Association. 1919

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