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Cosmos Leaflet - September 1922

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Prices are shown in Shillings and pence with a “/” separating shillings and pence, a “-” is used to denote zero pence and where the price is pence only it is a digit followed by a “d”. There are 12 pence to a shilling and twenty shillings to a pound. 1 shilling is 0.05.

The cheapest carbon lamp is 6d for a clear flashlight bulb of 2.5 or 3.5 volts. The cheapest normal carbon lamp is 1/6 and available from 5 c.p. to 16 c.p. in voltages of 100-130 or 200-250. Gasfilled tungsten lamps are the most expensive with the cheapest being the smallest at 2/6 for a 25-30 volt 15 Watt lamp.


Cosmos Gasfilled Lamps are very economical in current consumption. giving a brilliant white light approximating daylight They are made in a range of sizes suitable for all classes of lighting requirements.

Frosted lamps are always sent frosted from tip to maximum diameter of bulb unless ordered otherwise.

Ask your supplier to give you particulars of Cosmos Domestic Appliances; Radiant Fires, Hotplates, Domestic Irons, Kettles, Grillers, Urns, Jugs, Toasters, etc., etc.


Cosmos Vacuum Lamps give a most brilliant and whitest of lights with a lowest current consumption. The Metallic filament is drawn in a continuous length and mounted flexibly in a hermetically sealed bulb. Care in the manufacture ensures long life.

Cosmos Lamp Works, Brimsdown, Middlesex, England.
The home of Cosmos Lamps, A Brilliant British Product.
Licensed and made under British Patents No. 23499 of 1909, 23775 of 1912, 10918 of 1913 and others.

“See things in a better light”


Cosmos Flashlight Lamps are the original Metallic Filament Lamps made in this country. They are extremely efficient and are manufactured with as much care as industrial types of lamps. They can be depended upon for strength and long life.

When ordering please state Volts, Amps., whether Clear or Half Opal. Price and Type required.

Cosmos Lamps
“The last word in economy”
September 1922


15 to 100 Watt Lamps fitted with Bayonet Cap (B.C.) only
150 and 200 Watt Lamps fitted with Edison Screw Cap (E.S.) only.
300 Watt Lamps and above fitted with Goliath Edison Screw Cap (G.E.S.) only.
No extra for obscured bulbs.
Non-Standard Voltages 5% extra


Lamps of non-standard voltages 5% extra. Over and above 275 volts 20% extra.
Standard Caps — Bayonet (B.C.) Cap
If desired, Centre Contact (C.C.) or Edison Screw (E.S.). Caps can be fitted with no extra cost.
Frosting 5% extra.
Under 100 Watt Lamps — Pear-shaped bulbs.
Round bulbs are 6d. each extra.
100 Watt Lamps — Pear-shaped or round bulbs.


Standard Caps — B.C., E.S., C.C. Non-Standard Voltage —Add 5%

Standard Caps for Dry Battery and Flashlight Lamps are Miniature Edison Screw Caps (M.E.S.) only.
Pressed Thread only.
Frosted Bulbs 10% extra

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