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Cosmos Lightbulbs

Cosmos tubular light bulb c1920's

Cosmos was the trade name used for light bulbs by Metroplitan-Vickers Company Limited of Trafford Park, Manchester. They existed in 1922 but this coiled tungsten bulb would probably have been made after 1925. Rated 230v 25W 38cp with SBC base. The coiled filament has 11 supports in addition to the lead in wires.

The single coiled filament used here was developed by GEC (US) in 1913 to counteract heat loss due to traces of water vapour. Nitrogen gas filling was introduced at the same time and for the same reason. By 1914 most manufacturers used gas filling and coiled tungsten.

The box is a superb example of Art Deco graphics and is also designed to house one of 4 types of speciality bul: Cosmos Tubular lamp, Cosmos Gothic Candle lamp, Cosmos Shrine Lamp (Neon cross), Cosmos Plain or Twisted Candle lamp.

Sold 2003

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