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Mazda Lightbulbs

Mazda Blackout WWII light bulb

B.T.H. Mazda blackout lightbulb was intended for use in the 'blackouts' during air raids. Rated at 230v 15w with a BC base. Unlike an Atlas blackout bulb the coating on this is less effective and despite being a quarter of the output rating it gives off more light and looks grey. The tip of the bulb has had some coating scratched off indicating it has been used. My father told me that if the coating had no hole they scraped a small hole to give a light beam to read by.

Sold 2003

Mazda pip top candle twists (2)

The box looks like it was WWI austerity packaging so probably 1914-20 period. Box is marked 77 volts 17W and a 24?? mark. Thre sides of the box contain adverts for various shades Hoolophane etc. There are two bulbs and while the markings on the bulbs are indistinct they seem to match the box. The packing is wool. Both bulbs are single drawn wire with 4 loops but my camera refused to focus in the filament in close up. Folaments appear to be intacted

Sold 2003

GE Centenary Edison light bulb

I presume this lightbulb reproduction was made about 1978, the only date mentioned. The plasic base is a dummy with a foil sticker reading "Commemorating a century of lighting progress". The bulb has an ES fitting. Height 172mm 6¾".

Box inscription reads:

This replica of an early incandescent light bulb commemorates the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison a century ago.

That first light bulb sold for $1.75 and produced a meager 1.4 lumens of light per watt.

Today, GE's advanced light sources provide up to 140 lumens per watt. And GE's most efficient flourescent lamps - the Watt-Miser II line - cost less (in 1878 dollars) than Edison's original bulb.

That's Progress for People.

The replica bulb in this box is a symbol of GE's continuing commitment to provide the best answers to America's lighting needs.

General Electric - Edison Mazda Lamps

Sold 2003

Mazda "Pipless" light bulb

This Mazda bulb is interesting because it is described as 'Pipless' on the wrapper, which implies it to be made after 1919 but not so long after for the pipless to have marketting value. The coild tungsten filament looks intact but I cannot test it. Wrapper refers to 1912/13 patents, made by BTH in the UK. Rated 60v 30w.

Sold 2003

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