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Osram Lightbulbs

Osram squirted tungsten light bulb c.1906

G.E.C. (UK) Osram bulb rated at 100v 40w with BC base, British made. This important type of bulb was introduced by GEC (UK) in 1906-1908 using squirted tungsten, a process devloped by Auer von Welsbach for Osmium in 1898. The process was adapted to tungsten by Hans Kuzel and used by Auers company in 1907 and Philips in the Netherlands from 1908. Drawn tungsten, developed in the US by W Coolidge was introduced by GEC worldwide under the Osram name in 1911.

My memory is a bit foggy on this point but, squirted tungsten differs in appearance from drawn tungsten by a 'sparkly' appearance whereas draw wire is smooth. Squirted tungsten is also fragile and hence the need for the cage arrangement. Osmium filament bulbs are very rare - I never owned one - and look like a string of minute jewels.

The Osram name was first used for Osmium filaments, by the German company Die Deutsche Gasglühlicht Gesellschaft, but these were displaced by tungsten and Osram eventually became a GEC trade name.

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Osram large light bulb 1926-30's

Large 175mm high Osram light bulb with original box. Rated 110v 200w ES base. Coiled tungsten filament and gasfilled. Filament is aranged in a flat arc. Box contains patent numbers, latest being issued in 1926. Manufactured by GEC, UK.

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Early tungsten light bulb

GEC (UK) Osram bulb rated at 230v ?w. The red colouring is applied to the outside and also covers the cap. Several chips in the paint allow the filament to be seen with a glass, it is drawn tungsten. Probably made in the earlier part of the 1919-30 period.

The wattage cannot be read as the red paint has chipped off at that location.

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