Press-Weld Concrete Placer ephemera

Six Items - catalogues, operating instruction, testimonials 1931-1973
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Pressed & Welded Products Co 1931-c1980. Pennsylvania and California.

1. Stapled bundle of customer testimonials from 1931-1954

2. 5 page fold out leaflet describing the industry leading Concrete Placers. 1969 ( 2 copies.)

3. 14 typed pages of projects World-wide that used the Press-Weld Placers. 1969. Stamp by UK agents Cyril Parry Ltd 1973.

4. 36 page stapled - Press-Weld Pneumatic concrete placers. 1/2, 3/4 and 1 1/8 cubic yard models. Operating instructions. Maintenance Instructions. Parts List. Good quality photographs throughout.

Cyril Parry Limited used these in many projects and supplied spares to users for some time after the USA company disappeared.

Good condition